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My Signature 90 Day Blog Blueprint was born in 2019 out of necessity. My blog wasn’t growing, I wasn’t landing brand deals, and I didn’t have a plan. Before we dive into my blog blueprint and WHY it is so dang amazing, I want to tell you a bit more about my story for some background, because I think you might relate!

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How the 90 Day Blog Blueprint was Born

If you’re new here, welcome! I’m Ana! And I totally stumbled into content creator world. I happened upon my love of home décor and DIY as a way to be creative when my husband and I bought our first home. I started sharing my DIYs and decorating on Instagram over @fiddleleafinteriors, and the rest is history.

But I soon realized that growth on Instagram was anything but consistent. It was actually HORRIBLY frustrating. I was glued to my phone ALL the time. And the Instagram Gods seemed to change the algorithm every dang day. So what worked one day, wasn’t working the next.

And then, I started watching peoples accounts getting hacked. One friend in particular lost nearly 15 thousand followers that it had taken her 7 long years to build. And she had to start completely from scratch. Hours and hours of time and energy she poured into her business – GONE. In an instant.

And I didn’t want that to happen to me. I realized that building my business on the borrowed ground of social media was a very dangerous game to play! So I decided I needed to actually OWN my business with blog/website. A hub for my business and my ideal audience. So if heaven forbid I did lose it all on social media, my business would still exist.

But as I was building my blog, I got REALLY overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start and the tech seemed way too complicated because there was so much conflicting information out there… way too much NOISE if you know what I mean. So I put it off. And my unpublished blog sat, collecting internet dust while I still PAID for it each month. And I continued on the social media hamster wheel. The mindless scrolling. The never ending content creation. Trying the next “big” thing that the social media gurus told me I needed to do to grow my business. And I got BURNT OUT.

I spent HOURS creating content that resulted in very little business growth. And so I blamed Instagram. I blamed the algorithm. And even worse – I blamed myself. And I almost gave up.

Until I had a LIGHTBULB MOMENT. If I could just get it up and running, I could use my BLOG to grow my business AWAY from the ever-changing algorithm of social media, and I could actually CONTROL it’s growth.

So I had to figure out what was stopping me… And ultimately, it was that addiction to the instant gratification of social media and my own mindset getting in the way!

So it finally CLICKED. I fast tracked my blog building. I increased my blog subscribers by over 300% in 10 months and I know have 1200+ subscribers total; landed blog collaborations worth > $10,000 with companies in less than a year, including recent $1500 and $740 contracts with NO social media requirements at all; pulled in over $500 in ad revenue in 7 months that just runs behind the scenes requiring ZERO time from me! My blog has been featured major websites including TODAY.com and in magazines like American Farmhouse Style and Cottages and Bungalows!

But the biggest win of all is not depending on a fickle social media algorithm! It is SO FREEING!

And so, that’s’ how the 90 Day Blog Blueprint was born!

I created a brand I actually own and control with my blog & website (of which I now have TWO)! And I have tested this blueprint with dozens of content creators who have also fast tracked their blogs the same way and with total confidence. I help my students focus on growing a business they own, all while knowing that if social media went away tomorrow, their business would still be in tact.

Does any of this sound or feel familiar to you? If so… it’s time to dive into the blueprint itself!

What is the 90 Day Blog Blueprint?

My signature 90 Day Blog Blueprint was specifically developed as a step by step system that can be followed for two types of people:

  1. Content creators or small shops/makers starting their blog from scratch who have no idea how to start or grow and feels overwhelmed by all the info out there (and is maybe a smidge intimidated by the tech side!)
  2. A content creator who is already blogging but is not seeing the results they would like to be seeing and cannot figure out why – maybe they’re not seeing the traffic they want to see or are hitting an income ceiling and want to correct it so they can keep growing and seeing increased revenue.

The 90 Day Blog Blueprint is what is DIFFERENT about my blogging course OWN Your Influence. Are there oodles of blogging courses out there? You betcha. But NONE of them have the 90 Day Blog Blueprint, which was designed just for you, and tested by ME and dozens of other bloggers, creators, and makers! It guides you step by step through absolutely everything you need to know to be a successful blogger, including the INSIDE WORK that is involved.

So let’s dive in a bit deeper…

There are 4 components to the 90 Day Blog Blueprint:

90 day blog blueprint

These 4 steps are broken down even further inside OWN Your Influence so they are easy to follow and implement. By the end of 90 days (sometimes even sooner, I’ve had students do it in under 60!), you’ll be a bona fide badass blogger babe with all of the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the blogging world!

01. Nail Your Niche

We start with the Nail Your Niche Method, which is a way to really FOCUS on a specific topic that will actually REACH and speak to your ideal audience.

People always say blogging is “oversaturated” right? I’m sure you’ve heard this. And the reason people say this, is because they have NOT niched down properly! When we don’t niche down properly, we work OVERTIME creating content that our audience does not want or need. (And remember, more work does NOT equal more growth).

I want you to STOP overworking. Instead, implement Nail Your Niche Method to fast-track your blog build and your short term and long term business growth!

I really breakdown my Nail Your Niche System in THIS blog post – go take a look!

This is also where we really dive deep into the mindset and inside work that it takes to not only be a successful blogger, but to really believe that you can succeed to the point where this becomes a legitimate business for you!

nail your niche as a blogger

02. Batch Your Blog Build

This is where we cover all the TECH stuff you need to know. And the best part? I provide step by step walkthrough tutorials on it ALL!

Getting your website set up with a domain and host? CHECK!
Getting your website theme installed? CHECK!
A full wordpress walkthrough? CHECK AND CHECK! (P.S. WordPress is the best platform to use because it gives you the MOST flexibility in terms of design AND pricing!)

Bottom line for this portion of the 90 Day Blog Blueprint, it we want to batch our tasks to make the entire process easier. This includes your content creation, blog writing, and social media marketing, for which I give you a set strategy.

Because no – blogging is not just slapping up blog posts and calling it a day. You need a plan and strategy. You need killer content and a way to market it. And you need dedication and consistency, too!

batching your blog build

03. Get the Word Out

The third thing you tackle in the 90 day blog blue print is getting the word out. So obviously we want your blog to drive traffic, gain subscribers, and keep your ideal audience coming back for more right?

So we are FIRST going to market your blog to whatever audience you already HAVE (and it doesn’t have to be a big one!) to jumpstart your growth at the beginning. SEO (or search engine optimization) is the long-term (like 1-2 years down the line) growth strategy…. But this section of the 90 Day Blog Blueprint is going to give you the growth hacks you need at the very beginning!

So here is where we learn how to use social media as a FREE MARKETING TOOL. We do not RELY on it, but we USE it to our advantage! HERE IS WHERE WE BREAK FREE OF THE ALGORITHM!!!

We’ll learn how to use instagram posts and stories, facebook, pinterest, email, etc, to get eyeballs on your blog early on! We’ll even work to get you subscribers and an email list built up BEFORE you launch! While we’ll be using social media to our advantage here, but we will no longer be RELYING on it to grow our business. Remember, social media is not evil, you just have to know how to USE it, not DEPEND on it – those are two very different things. And when you do this, its ADIOS algorithm! BUH BYE!

get the word out about your blog

04. Grow with Confidence

And now we get into the final step of the 90 Day blog blueprint, which is growing with confidence! Once your blog is launched, you’ll have opportunities to monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, and brand collaborations. You’ll also learn how to great your own digital products/services that you can market and sell to your ideal audience. And this is an incredible way to scale your blog in the long run!

And you can do all of this without working harder or longer hours, BECAUSE of the strategies I teach inside of the signature method of OWN Your Influence – the 90 Day Blog Blueprint!

grow your blog

90 Day Blog Blueprint & OWN Your Influence FAQs:

I have a small shop – do I need a blog too?

Well, you NEED a website, because thats the only thing you really own. Ultimately, selling your goods on YOUR own website saves you the most money and time (have you SEEN the Etsy fees lately?) But having a blog alongside your listings is also a GREAT way to develop rapport with your customers. Show them how to use and style your products. Give them inspirational ideas and something of value that that don’t have to pay for. It helps develop that know like and trust factor with your ideal customers, and it why small and large companies alike have started blogging as well (see Home Depot, Redfin, Vegamour, etc).

However, you don’t need to feel like the blog portion is the main part of your business in the way a content creator might. Because your main goal is to sell your products, right? But blogging once or twice a month to keep in touch with your ideal audience, even if the blog posts are shorter, is a great way to keep that relationship going and keep them coming back for more!

Is OWN Your Influence for me even if I already have my blog set up?

Yes – getting your actual blog set up is ONE LESSON out of this entire program. If you already blogging but you are stagnating because you feel overwhelmed or aren’t sure where to go from here to grow and monetize… this is absolutely for you!

How much does it cost to actually run a blog?

It can cost just about $200-$250 for the first year – it’s really NOT expensive. WordPress itself is free. Your domain name should cost $1-2 for the first year and about $15 per year after that. Depending on your hosting service, you can get the first 1-3 years for about $7 per month! And lastly, your basic backup system service will cost about $100-$150 per year. And with my growth hacks and monetization lesson, you’ll be making that money back before you know it. My own blog is fully paid for through ad revenue alone, which you can get set up after about 3 months of blogging!

Is blogging really a profitable business?

Yes! The content marketing industry including blogging is expected to grow by about 15% yearly going forward. It is already a 400 BILLION dollar industry! The key is nailing your niche and learning how to batch content so you don’t get overwhelmed! Read more about why blogging is NOT dead HERE! And bottom line, no matter WHAT your industry is, make sure you are building a business you own and control (aka, not JUST on social media)!


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