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I’m a big believer that automation can make your business better, and your life easier. These tools, including AI Copywriting Software, have done wonders for my own business, and it’s about time I give back.

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AI Copywriting – Exposed

Copywriting has not changed much since the Gutenberg Bible was written, but that is about to change. AI programming will soon create copy algorithms that are powered by high-speed machines designed with one goal in mind: creating infinite content for your company. But what does this mean for you?

The accessibility of AI techniques means it’s getting easier to generate millions of words, or even gigabytes of data, without breaking a sweat. The text algorithms use “Deep Learning” and various other concepts to enable computers to compile vast amounts of information into something resembling human language through statistical analysis.

These AI robots are delivering articles faster than humans can write them which is completely unique anyways because they have no connection/relation whatsoever to the writer’s input! Giveaways on Facebook or Instagram might become automated thanks to an algorithm outputting just enough words per day so people keep coming back!

AI copywriting is the equivalent of software that’s used to generate song lyrics or movie scripts. It has been designed with AI technologies, algorithms, and software inputs that capture what humans do when they write copy.

The end result of an AI writing process can be human-like prose which feels like it was written by a person rather than generated through machine intelligence.

To be fair though, AI is NOT a human! So sometimes the quality of the copy won’t be up to your standards. But how much easier is it to go add in a few extra words, sentences or a paragraph or two to beef up a post that was written in mere seconds by AI, than to write the entire thing from scratch? SOOOO much easier!

And this is why AI is becoming a major player in copywriting – on blogs, social media captions, ad copy, and so much more. The use of AI Copywriting can assist content creators with boosting their social media engagement to new levels, and create more revenue streams without having to hire an expensive assistant to do boring or tedious tasks. PLUS – It reduces the amount of TIME you have to spend to get content out to your audience! I’m all for anything that saves me time AND can make me MONEY through incredible and connecting copy!

So how can you utilize AI software in your business to save time and creative energy?

Step 1. Find An AI Copywriting Robot

There are several tools that will write blog posts for you automatically. I personally like Smart Copy the best, but there are plenty of others in the market. Given I use and pay for Smart Copy, I’ll show you exactly how to use this particular AI software!

In order to get the full “Writer” Service, you have to pay. I was skeptical when first trying AI, so I signed up for their monthly plan first, knowing I could cancel if I hated it.

Within 24 hours, I had upgraded to the yearly plan (which is HALF the cost of the monthly one). And yes, I paid for it with my own money and aside from an affiliate link that Smart Copy provides ALL its customers, I am in no way affiliated with Snazzy themselves!

Step 2. Open up Smart Copy

Even if you don’t want to commit to the paid version, Smart Copy still offers amazing free services that will spark creativity if you are feeling stuck on content creation! You can get ideas for blog post topics, email headlines, and so much more!

But, once you’ve committed to the paid plan – head to Snazzy and open up the Writer tool. The tool is currently in Beta testing, meaning it will only get better from here on out!

Step 3. Choose Your Article Type & Topic

Smart Copy gives you a few options on what type of article you’d like to write. Choose whatever works best for your niche. Then type in the topic of your post and hit next.

AI copywriting with Snazzy AI

Step 4. Choose an Introduction Paragraph

Smart Copy will generate three different intro paragraphs for you to choose from. Remember, they don’t need to be perfect and you can always edit them. That said, if none feel quite right, you can go back and generate three new options.

Snazzy AI

Step 5. Use the “Write” Button to Generate Your Post

Now, use the Blue “Write: Button in the top right corner to generate additional paragraphs for your post! Smart Copy won’t always get it correct, so sometimes you’ll need to delete something irrelevant and click the button again. You can else help the AI software along by typing a keyword or an on-topic sentence to help the software learn more about what you are wanting it to generate.


Step 6. Add in Your Personal Voice

Finally, go through the post and add in your own personal voice to make your post sound like YOU! And that’s it!

AI Copyrighting is a HUGE trend and is absolutely where this industry is going. Why spend hours on a blog post when you could spend just a few minutes? In fact, as I type this last sentence (and yes, this is one I’m writing myself), It’s taken me a mere 17 minutes to create the text for this post!

Now all I have to do is copy and paste it into my WordPress, add a few screenshots to the tutorial, hit publish, and that’s IT! (Keyword research was done prior to writing, and even that only takes me 5-10 minutes these days!) For more on keyword research, read my post all about SEO!

So what are your thoughts on AI copywriting? Still skeptical like I was initially? Ready to try it for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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