Listen up my advanced blogger friends! If you’ve been blogging for awhile, and you’re hitting a plateau for a reason you just can’t put your finger on, my friend Kate of Kate Waldo and Co. is here to help! (She also has an AMAZING FREE Workshop you are going to want to check out, too!)

Kate is an entrepreneur and successful business owner with MULTIPLE online ventures, and she has years of experience in the blogging world. Kate and I met through our mutual business coach, and she has become a fast biz friend! Her expertise on getting over the hump of stagnating business growth is on point, and you can learn all her amazing strategy and insight in her course, the Blog Profit Accelerator!

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Kate Waldo Jones and Blog Profit Accelerator

Getting you blog up and running is a HUGE accomplishment. But what happens when you hit 15K page views or 3 or 4K months and you just can’t move past those metrics?

Kate is teaching you her three step method to Prioritize Profit, Automate Profit, and then Accelerate Profit. Her strategies will help you PLAN for profit, instead of just hoping for it. Kate and I both believe in the toxicity of hustle culture, so she is teaching all you advanced blogger babes how to triple you current blog income WITHOUT working more hours!

Kate’s course is the only course that is specifically tailored to bloggers and creators who want to increase the incomes from their blogs with ease!

Kate’s program also includes loads of templates that will help you grow, AND hire a team! Because hiring is 100% necessary if you actually want to step into that CEO role in your biz)

Some of those templates include:

  • Asana For the Expert Blogger: To-Do List
  • Brand Partnership CRM
  • Pitching CRM Template for Asana
  • Pitching Email Templates
  • Blog Analytics Tracker
  • Social Media Planning & Scheduling Airtable Template
  • Team Member Hiring Checklist, plus more!

Why I Love Kate’s Blog Profit Accelerator Course

The Blog Profit Accelerator is one of the best courses out there for you advanced bloggers looking for more support. Kate is also the queen of the 3 hour workday, so you can bet that not only will your blog grow, you’ll be getting more hours in your day back to do what you love, too!

blog profit accelerator with Kate Waldo Jones

Kate is an incredible teacher and mentor as well!

“It lights my fire to help bloggers focus on what they actually want to do by eliminating the stress of the stuff that has to get done.”

-Kate Waldo

She has also collaborated and worked with brands like The Blog SocietiesThrive Together Blog, The SwipeUp PodcastALT Summit and WELL.Businessed.

If you want to learn more about the Blog Profit Accelerator and if it’s the next step for you in your blogging journey, grab your FREE seat in Kate’s workshop How to Triple Income Made From Your Content Without Working More!

Can’t wait to hear about your biggest takeaways from her workshop, and be sure to tell Kate I said Hi!