how to prequalify leads in your coaching business

Do you feel like you’re attracting the wrong kind of clients? Are your ideal customers passing you by, or worse, slipping through your fingers? If so, it’s time to learn how to prequalify leads that come into your business with a highly effective strategy! In this post, we’ll show you how to do just that and attract only those clients who are a perfect fit for what you have to offer.

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Why do you want to prequalify leads anyway?

When it comes to attracting new clients, you want to focus your time and energy on those who are a perfect match for what you offer. Prequalifying leads helps weed out those who might not be the best fit, so you can spend your time speaking with those who are truly interested in your services. Here’s how to do it.

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Start by making a checklist list of who your ideal client is

What type of people are you looking for? How do you want them to feel when they work with you? What results do you want them to achieve? Effective lead qualification starts with understanding what type of client will help you reach your business goals, AND, what type of person YOU actually want to work with.

So get out your pen and paper and write down WHO your ideal client is. What are their beliefs, what do they want to achieve, and what are their basic demographics

To give you an example, here is my own checklist I’ve my dreamy, soul-aligned, ideal client:

  1. Female coach or service provider looking to move into mentorship, aged 25-50
  2. Knows she is meant for MORE than a 9-5 job
  3. Cares about her IMPACT in the world more than the income she makes (even though the income is a nice perk)
  4. Currently making at least 80K, whether in her business, 9-5, or both combined (AKA has money to invest)
  5. Wants to sell her offerings at a high ticket/premium price point, but is a bit unsure just how to do it

That’s my basic checklist! When I’m talking to a potential lead, I am first analyzing if they check all these boxes. If the answer is YES, they get moved into the GOOD FIT box.

If not, they get moved into the NOT A GOOD FIT box.

Generally, someone who meets at least 4 of my checklist will stay in the Good Fit category. As you get more and more leads, your list may get longer and you may be more choosy. Why? Because you MUST prioritize your time as a business owner!

Next, determine who is sales ready

A lead might check every box on my ideal client list, but they may be far from sales-ready.

For example, she may not yet be problem aware, or perhaps she recently invested in a passive online course or a different coach. She could be exploring other solutions at the moment.

If that’s the case, the lead remains a good fit, but is classified as “NOT READY.”

On the other hand, if a lead marks 4 or 5 of my checklist, AND is telling me they are ready to find a solution to their biggest struggles, or I can tell from their content or our conversations that they are moving into a decision stage regarding an investment in a sales coach, then they are definitely sales-ready!

THESE are the prequalified leads you’re looking for – the ones who are BOTH a good fit for your offer AND sales-ready. And therefore, these are the leads you want to prioritize speaking to.

how to prequalify leads in your coaching or service provider business with a highly effective and proven to work strategy

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Hubspot calls this set of leads hand-raisers, but I like “eager beaver” instead! LOL

Eager Beavers are the leads that straight up ASK you about your services!

Now… you might think you should always prioritize eager beavers, but there’s a bit of research you need to do here first…

REMEMBER THIS: Not all eager beavers will be a GOOD FIT for your offer!

So.. if someone is an eager beaver, go back to step one and be sure to decide if they are actually fit into that GOOD FIT category! If so – CONGRATS – these are DREAM LEADS!

If not, that doesn’t mean you should write them off. Obviously, right? Because they are still interested in potentially working with you. So do a little exploration here – maybe there’s another service you offer that would be a better fit. Or perhaps working together in a few months might make a difference.

Regardless, your good fit eager beaver leads and your good fit sales-ready leads are the ones you should be spending the most time speaking to and in sales conversations with!

If you’re looking for tips on how to sell high-ticket to the leads your just prequalified, check out my post all about high-ticket sales tips!

It’s easy to tell when you have an opportunity for a soul-aligned client. You just need to know what to look for and how to prequalify leads that enter your nurture sequence or sales funnel. This way, you’ll ensure you’re prioritizing prospects who are ready, willing, and able to buy, making sales easier and more fun!

And now that you know how to prequalify leads in your coaching business, click HERE to learn how we can work together to make sure those leads actually CONVERT into dreamy, high ticket clients with ease!

Until next time…