10 steps to high ticket sales

This high-touch high-ticket sales strategy is designed for high-ticket products, high-priced courses, and coaching programs. It’s not just about how to sell high-ticket items. If you want to sell high-ticket, you have to offer a high-touch program that can’t be found anywhere else in the marketplace.

This post will show you the 10 steps you need to master to sell high-ticket! Because why would you want to sell a $100 product to 100 people a month when you could sell a $5,000 product to TWO people a month? No brainer right? you ready?

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10 steps to high ticket sales online for coaches and service providers - this formula will help you make consistent high ticket sales so you can sell less make more, and actually have time back in your business again. Sales without the sleaze!

Step 1: High-ticket sales require a building of trust, authority & credibility.

This is where your past successes come into play. Share stories and examples of how you’ve helped yourself AND past clients. Social proof is important here. This is what helps develop that infamous “know, like, trust” factor. The KLT is important…

But do NOT let a hyper-focus on social proof from others keep you from telling YOUR story. Telling your own story is how people connect with you personally, and how you build up authority in your niche. Show your community that you have been where they are and have come out the other side better, stronger, and ready to help them do the same! high

Step 2: Evaluate Your Value in the Marketplace or risk a total flop

You have to be able to demonstrate high value for your potential high-ticket clients. This is where the high price comes from, but you also need a high perceived value as well. This means – do your research! Google your niche to see if any other coaches or course creators are offering something similar, and what they are charging for it.

BUT be cautious. Research can easily deter you from charging high-ticket. On the flip side, it can inflate your ego and cause you to jack up your prices higher than YOU, as the service provider, can actually deliver in terms of value.

Research is meant to help you establish that perceived marketplace value, but then take it all with a grain of salt. Because what really matters when it comes to what YOU charge, is:

  • your experience
  • your past results (your own AND clients)
  • the offer itself (i.e. what does it include, what type of support is offered, how long is it, is it 1:1 or group, etc)

Step Three: Uniqueness is key to Selling high-ticket

Your coaching framework/container must provide something that others do not! This can be in the form of a unique process, delivery, or outcome. I call it your “signature framework.”

You also need to ensure that your program is unique in the support it provides. As I tell my clients – a high-ticket course is not just a bunch of passive videos! That’s why I call it a CONTAINER. It contains passive videos (so you don’t have to teach the same thing over and over again), but it also includes DIRECT and GROUP support from YOU, the coach.

You have to be there to support your people if you expect them to pay you the big bucks!

Step 4: Getting the Word Out

No matter how good your offer is, it won’t sell if people don’t know about it! So make sure to get the word out there through your website, social media channels, podcast, word of mouth, or networking events.

When marketing, make sure you focus on selling the TRANSFORMATION, not just the “components” of your program.

For example, steer clear of “come join my 8-week group coaching container! You’ll get email support, a private group Slack channel to ask questions, and weekly coaching calls.”

Literally, NO ONE CARES.

All they care about is how you will get them from point A to point B.

Instead, develop a mission statement for your program in the form of “I help (your ideal client) achieve (their deep desire) without (their biggest challenge/paint point).

For example: “I help creative coaches sell high ticket, always open, online coaching containers so they can DITCH yo-yoing income forever and leave the 1:1 client burnout behind!” (HI! That’s me!) 🙂

Step 5: Get the word out – this time in the RIGHT places

Who IS your ideal client? If they are a gen Z or millennial brand new biz owner – Instagram might be the place for you. If you are looking for decision-makers, try LinkedIn. Going after fashion or travel bloggers? IG it is! Take a look around and figure out where your ideal client spends most of their time, and market THERE.

Step 6: Building you list to increase your leads

As easy as it is to market on social media, you do NOT own your social following, and your accounts could literally disappear in an instant. That is why it is incredibly important to build an email list. Whether you have a website or not, entice people to subscribe to your email list with a lead magnet – something FREE that will give them value. AKA – an incentive to fork over their contact info!

Not to mention, email marketing is STILL one of the most successful ways to reach your people. Definitely don’t slack here.

Step 7: High-ticket sales do not happen without significant market research!

Yes – it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. And I’m not talking about googling here as we did in Step 2. I am talking about getting on the PHONE or a Zoom call with potential ideal clients.

Not to pitch them, but to actually talk to them! Ask them about their challenges and their goals. Really get to the bottoms of why they have those challenges and why they want to achieve those goals.

No surface-level bullshit here.

We are talking about asking “why” over and over and over until you are at the core of their belief system.

Sound scary? I promise it’s not! I actually have a pretty nifty script I give to my clients to knock these calls out ASAP when we work together! Why?

Because you need to make sure your offer is tailored to WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. Not only is that the key to high ticket sales, but it’s the key to sales in general.

Give the people what they want!

(P.S. I still conduct market research weekly! Yes! Weekly! I hop on calls with ideal clients, who may or may not sign up in the future, JUST to get their feedback. It’s one of the reasons I can convert people into 6K+ clients in 72 hours – because of all of the feedback I have collected and implemented in my marketing and sales strategies. If you aren’t doing market research in this way yet – no, Instagram polls don’t count – start today!)

Step 8: Market to pain points AND deep desires

It’s time to start drilling down and uncovering your ideal customer’s pain points and deep desires.

Pain points are the areas of someone’s life that they feel aren’t working – their struggles, frustrations, and challenges. Pain is what makes people ACT. It’s the catalyst to a decision.

That said, pain point marketing has been HIGHLY overdone in the past few years. So while focusing on overcoming pain points (with your signature framework of course), is very important, its also important to show your prospects what is POSSIBLE with the transformation you offer.

Show them how far they can go; show them their deepest desire realized. And show them WHY you are the person with the right program to take them there!

Step 9: A high-ticket sales non-negotiable – Getting on the Phone

Sales calls are non-negotiable when it comes to high-ticket sales. No one is going to hand over thousands of dollars to you because they watched a cute Instagram story, or even read a glowing testimonial. They still want to make sure YOU are a good fit. And the fastest way for them to figure that out (and really boost that LTK factor), is by getting on the phone.

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Step 10: Learning how to handle objections

MOST, not all, but most, objections are not about money. Most step from a place of fear. Learning how to handle objections is KEY to closing the sale and taking on a new client that you get to HELP! Because ultimately, that’s what we are here for right? We all need to make money, but really connecting with your soul-aligned clients and having the privilege of helping them achieve their wildest dreams… that’s what it’s really all about!

Objections are a topic in and of themselves, so if y’all are interesting in hearing more about how I handle different objections on sales calls (and in the DMs/emails), let me know in the comments below and I’ll get a post out to you soon!

And there you have it! 10 steps to high-ticket sales!

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Until next time!

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