is blogging dead?

I hear this question a lot….”but Ana… in this new age of social media, is blogging dead?”

Short answer: “Hell no.”

Long answer: “Seriously though… HELL NO. Now let’s dive into why.”

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Is blogging dead? The data shows it’s not!

Blogging is an incredibly inexpensive way to establish yourself and your business online. A domain, hosting platform, and security services should run you about $350 per year (and oftentimes less depending on your host).

After establishing yourself as a blogger for a few months, you can easily monetize your site with ads, and quickly completely pay off all of the costs of keeping your blog up and running each year. (I make $75-$100 a month in ads alone, so not only do I cover my blogging costs, I bank several hundred dollars as well.) And of course, the more traffic you drive to your site, the greater your ad revenue becomes.

That means that the ROI (return on investment) of blogging can be very high. Why? Because your expenses are low, but your revenue possibilities are fairly endless.

Check my post on 5 Ways to Make Money Blogging for More on that!

blogging is not dead - business that prioritize blogging see a 13x ROI than businesses that don't

There are also MANY reasons why huge companies (think Home Depot, Redfin, etc) have gotten into the blogging world in addition to the products or services they offer.

First, businesses that prioritize blogging (YES, in 2021) see a THIRTEEN TIMES higher ROI than businesses that don’t. That is HUGE! And why? Because again, blogging as an investment is incredible affordable. Yet there are endless ways to connect with and serve your ideal audience.

That explains then why businesses who blog receive 55% more website visitors and 67% more leads per month than businesses who don’t.

Is blogging dead? The credibility behind it all.

Another thing…. blogging gives your business CREDIBILITY. Whether you are a huge corporation like Home Depot or a small business owner selling hand made products or offering services to clients, blogging tells your audience that you actually CARE about them.

You aren’t just showing up spewing advertisements to buy buy buy in their face all the time. You are actually giving them something of VALUE. This is why I teach my students that blogging is maybe 5% about them, and 95% about their audience. Blog posts must come from a place of SERVING your audience. Giving them something of value (education, ideas, inspiration, etc) that makes their life better than before they read it. It is HUGELY important. And it explains why 70% of people prefer learning about companies through articles rather than advertisements.

When you blog, you show up for your audience in a way that most people don’t. You show up to give them something, for free. That builds the KLT (Know Like Trust) factor with them in a way that constant advertisements simply cannot. Which is why more companies than ever are turning to blogging as a part of their content marketing plans.

And if blogging was dead, would 77% of internet users report regularly reading blogs? I think not! 61% of Americans also spend 3x more time consuming blog content than reading emails. And that’s crazy considering email marketing is 6-10 times more effective than social media, meaning email itself is an amazing strategy in its own right!

blogging is not dead - companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don't blog

Is blogging dead? – Industry metrics

Now.. what about the blogging industry itself? Another quip I hear from people who are resistant to blogging is that the market is oversaturated.

Well my friend, nearly every industry on the planet it oversaturated, so that’s not the best argument. Let’s look at the numbers instead – data over drama, am I right?!

By the end of 2020, the content marketing industry (including blogging) was $400 billion ANNUALLY. On top of that, it is expected to grow 16% each year going forward.

When it comes down to it, blogging successfully is incredibly possible for you! Having the right strategy for your content, your niche, and your marketing will ensure that your efforts as a blogger result in a high ROI for you and your business.


So is blogging dead? Not even close, my friend! Instead, blogging is an incredibly powerful marketing strategy with the potential for immense growth in the future!

Now tell me in the comments below… are you ready to get your blog on?!

As always, if you need any help in your blogging journey, feel free to reach out, or sign up for my FREE blogging workshop to learn how you can Blog Your Way to Bigger Profit Without Working Harder or Longer Hours!

See ya next time!



Is blogging dead? What the Data shows!
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