blogger income report june 2021

I can’t believe we are already in Quarter 3, y’all! This year is truly flying! I’m a little late on the June income report since we spent the end of June and early July up in Oregon visiting my parents. But it’s finally HERE!

June Creative Entrepreneur Income Report

I was supposed to have over 2K in income secured for June before the month even started, but that ended up dropping to $1500 due to some product delays with one of my collaboration partners. No biggie though! One thing I’ve learned in this industry is to always expect change!

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So like I said above, I had a hefty amount come through this month through 2 high ticket brand collaborations – a total of $1550.

My affiliate income was a bit more this month than it was in May as well. By the way, I lumped my cash back rewards in with affiliate income just for ease of viewing. But why did I include it at all, you ask? Because cashback rewards ARE INCOME and YES you need to pay taxed on them. Seriously though… ask your tax professional, they’ll confirm for you! I am still staying largely away from typical swipe ups on social media, but I gained a partnership with my amazing attorney friend Brittany, which meant overall more affiliate income.

If you don’t know Brittany by the way, go check her out on Instagram @brittanyratelle! She is incredible and has a TON of resources for creators, including legally legit templates that you need in your content creator biz (think contracts, release forms, brand collabs, privacy policies, and more)! I may be an attorney, but this is not my area of expertise by any means, so having Brittany in my corner is EVERYTHING! Trust me when I say you DO NOT want to ignore the legal aspect of your business. Get them taken care of so you can rest assured if anything comes up, you’re covered! Legal fees add up REAL quick!

Lets’s move on…

This month was a slower month on growth inside my blogging course, which is totally okay! Slower months happen, and I expected the summer to slow down. The world is opening back up and people are traveling, seeing friends and family, and overall on their phones and laptops LESS. Summer months are notoriously slower in any online education space (which is also why I planned ahead and secured those high ticket brand collabs to compensate!)

That, plus the fact that I have been very concentrated on developing my 1:1 4 month long Business Growth Container with my husband, meant a lower enrollment rate. I wasn’t online hyping up OYI as much, so of course there were less sales from that as well!

And btw… OYI is deserving of allllll the HYPE! 2 students of mine actually launched their blogs in the past 3 weeks and they are both STUNNING! I am so proud!

Take note: as a blogger, rounding out your informative and FREE blog posts with a product/service suite that your audience will love and that truly gives them VALUE is an amazing way to monetize. It’s also part of what helps bring you that sustainable and scalable income in the long term! You can read more about developing digital products in my blog post all about it!

You may also have noticed I changed the title of this posts from “content creator” income report to “creative entrepreneur” income! Why? Because that’s what I am. Content creator is encompassed inside creative entrepreneur, but I am also so many other things! I’m a coach, mentor, course creator, online business strategist, etc etc. So the shift to creative entrepreneur just felt right! (What do you tell people you are when they ask? I’d love to know!)


What I Learned As A Creative Entrepreneur in June

My biggest lesson this month is one I already shared above – some months will be slow! And that’s okay – keep going! Lean into what feels best for you, keep your head down, and keep working toward that dream life!

As for me? I am less than a year away from being a FULL time creative entrepreneur! And the only reason I’m almost there is because I refuse to give up. I want YOU to refuse to give up, too, friend! You deserve to live a life you LOVE, doing a job you LOVE, with more time do do all the things you LOVE!

So if I can help in any way, give me a shout! There’s also loads of new ways to work with me, and you can learn all about them over on my Work With Me Page! I want to meet you where YOU are at in your business, and help you grow, scale, and kick booty, too!

Now, back to work for me!

See you in August for the July income report!



creative entrepreneur income report june 2021
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