may 2021 blogger income report

The May Income Report is here for your digestion! After a pretty big drop off in April, I got my ish together this month and turned things around! Onward and upward for June and beyond, too!

May Content Creator Income Report

I actually already have over $2K SECURED in income for June, and that was even before the end of May rolled around. Creating sustainable income in your business is all about planning for profit in the FUTURE, not just scrambling for sales and payments in the present.

It’s a lesson I have had to learn the hard way back in April. You can check out that income report by clicking the button below!

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May 2021 content creator income report

In May I secured 3 new high ticket brand collaborations, one of which came through here, as the $501.73. The other two you’ll see in June, and there’s a fourth one set for July. #winning!

I’ve also started seeing a significant increase in ad revenue, which now varies between $70-$110 per month (this alone pays for all of the costs of my blog!)

I’ve turned away from affiliate income a bit, aside from what I make through blogging. The endless swipe ups on social media are not only tired for pretty much everyone (most importantly my audience), but they are also really time consuming for ME, for basically pennies on the dollar. It’s just not worth it. I of course still link things that I find and think my audience enjoys, but I spend less time shopping online and linking things regularly (I also SPEND less money myself this way, so that’s a win win!)

We also had 5 amazing new students join OWN Your Influence, my blogging course, this month! Making my products/services revenue over 2/3 of my total, which was $3,047.70.

Take note: as a blogger, rounding out your informative and FREE blog posts with a product/service suite that your audience will love and that truly gives them VALUE is an amazing way to monetize. It’s also part of what helps bring you that sustainable and scalable income in the long term!

Income Report: What I Learned As A Content Creator in May

Capitalize on momentum. As you are building that momentum in your business, do not stop.

Also – TRUST YOURSELF. Y’all I cannot tell you how long I was going back and forth about starting a new Instagram account and this blog SPECIFICALLY for content creator education. I waffled for months. And looking back, I should have just trusted my gut.

I was showing up on a home decor and design blog/social media and confusing the heck out of people with this content. The SECOND I created a new account and new blog, my entire energy shifted. I felt so ALIGNED with my business, my purpose, and my mission of teaching and empowering creators to improve and grow their own businesses!

And that’s when magical things started to happen behind the scenes! I can’t wait to share more with you, but if you are just getting started as a content creator, creative entrepreneur, small shop/maker, or online service provider, know that TRUSTING yourself, making decisions, and capitalizing on that momentum is so key!

Oh, and one other thing….

If you want to make a BUSINESS income, stop treating your business like a hobby. And that means showing up even when you really don’t want to. You don’t get to just not show up to work, so stop not showing up to your own business.

I honestly cannot tell you how much of a difference this makes. When you start holding yourself accountable just like a 9-5 boss would hold you accountable, your entire mindset shifts.

So show up. Do the work. Even when it’s hard. (By the way, I’m writing this post at 8:15pm after I got barely any sleep the night before… but here I am, showing UP anyway!)


All this to say…. you’ve got this, babe! I believe in you, and I hope you believe in you, too!

And as always, if you’re thinking about blogging as a way to grow your business as a creator (check my post about WHY blogging is ALWAYS a great idea), come join us in my FREE blogging workshop all about blogging your way to business growth WITHOUT working harder or longer hours!

Until the next income report, friends….

Sending you inspiration and motivation to create your dream tomorrow, today!



income report for May 2021 as a blogger and content creator
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