my top 5 favorite coaching business automation tools

Hey everyone! In this post, I’m going to share my top 5 favorite automation tools that I use in my coaching business. These tools have been invaluable in helping me streamline my business and free up my time so that I can focus on what’s important – serving my clients. If you’re a coach, course creator, or entrepreneur who is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and save time, then this post is for you! Keep reading to discover my must-have automation tools.

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Zapier is one of the automation tools I truly can’t live without. I use the free plan which allows for 5 “zaps” (their word for a single automation), but there are paid options as well.

A zap is an automated connection between one platform to another. For example, you could connect a sale in Thrivecart, Teachable, or Thinkific to your email service provider so that your new customer is automatically added to your email list, with certain tags, etc. Zapier connects to more than 3,000 applications/platforms, so there really isn’t much you CAN’T do!

Automating your business with Zapier is so easy and intuitive as well, and they walk you through every step of the way. As far as automation tools go, if I had to pick one, Zapier would be it!

ActiveCampaign Funnels

I started my email provider journey with Mailchimp but upgraded to ActiveCampaign about 18 months ago. ActiveCampaign is more expensive, but it’s SO worth it for everything it can do. Building out comprehensive email funnels (welcome sequences that lead to sales sequences etc) is incredibly easy.

It’s no secret that email marketing is a HUGE part of leading your prospects through the buyer’s journey and ultimately converting them into a sale. And that’s why I have invested a big chunk of my time in my own business, as well is in my client’s businesses, developing email funnels that nurture and convert cold leads with ease!

ActiveCampaign also gives you the ability to A/B test with your emails, and the data it provides is unparalleled in my opinion. And when it comes to business, you HAVE to follow the data!! (See my recent Instagram post all about data over drama in your business HERE!)


I use Calendly not only to set up ALL my appointments as a coach, but also as an application system for my services as well. When a prospect chooses a time slot, you can also require them to answer specific questions, meaning it’s a more seamless process for them in terms of applying to work with you!

Plus, when people book a call, it automatically gets added to my google calendar, which is a huge bonus. I use the paid version of Calendly, but it is very affordable and 1000% worth it for not only my own purposes, but my client experience as well.

Smart Copy/

Y’all know I’m a HUGE fan of artificial intelligence (AI) when it comes to copywriting! I use both Smart Copy and to help me write blog posts, social media captions, and even emails and prospect outreach. You can read more about AI in my blog post here that explains more about why I love it and how to use it!

the top 5 automation tools you need in your coaching business


If you are looking to really uplevel your client experience, Dubsado is for you! Dubsado allows you to send client contracts (and create templates so you don’t have to scramble with contract formation ever again), surveys, emails, and more. You can even invoice and charge clients through your account.

Dubsado is another one of the most valuable automation tools in my book, and it was a recent addition to my automation arsenal in 2021. Once you get yourself set up, you can literally onboard a new client in MINUTES.

BONUS: Tailwind

If you’re on Pinterest, and you should be, Tailwind is a huge help when it comes to scheduling out your pins well in advance! I spend about 2 hours every other Friday scheduling my pins for the next 2 weeks, and then I’m all set! I don’t have to worry about my Pinterest marketing with the help of Tailwind. The best part is Tailwind chooses the best times for your account to push out your pins, which is great for reach and engagement!

Shop My Fave Biz Tools Here!

Automation Tools are KEY to Your Business as a Coach or Service Provider!

Automation tools are essential for my coaching business. They help me save time and provide a better experience for my clients. I’ve shared my top five (well, six actually!) favorite automation tools, but there are many more options available. If you need a strategy to get started with automation tools, contact me at! I would be happy to help.

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