Perfecting your sales pitch is a skill that most business owners just don’t want to learn cuz it gives them the eebie jeebies. 😝

We’ve ALL heard “don’t be too salesy” or “don’t shove your offer down people’s throats” or “cold pitching is GROSS” (and it is, tbh)

But pitching a skill set that, once you DO learn, has the power to truly change your business.

And not in a shiny object kind of way. And not in an ICKY way either!

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Listen, I’m sorry to tell ya, “being good at reels,” “having the right web copy,” “using click funnels”…. None of that will work if you don’t have the basic foundational skill of SELLING.

Do big corporations have “reels teams”? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 uhhhh, no.

But do they have SALES TEAMS?! DUH!

Sales is a skill that once you master, will ACTUALLY have an impact on your business trajectory.

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How to Perfect Your Sales Pitch – the 6 Step Formula

Luckily, I’m about to make it EASY for ya! Well, easy to understand at least. Implementing is a bit harder, because it often requires a mindset shift and some BIG bravery that we haven’t yet tapped into, but that is undoubtedly holding you back in your business.

So how do you craft and USE the perfect sales pitch to land those dreamy clients with ease and without the sleaze?

Let’s get into it…

Order up a steam double CAP – the sales pitch way

Listen – we DON’T cold pitch in my neck of the woods.

I don’t care for it when I am cold pitched, and you probably don’t either. No one likes to feel like just a number or just another sale. The digital coaching and service provider industries are ultimately HUMAN to HUMAN, so when did we decide to treat people like objects and numbers?

I’m not sure, but I can tell you from my own experience, when you approach sales from a place of service and treat prospects like HUMAN BEINGS, your success rates spike dramatically.

So what is this double cap I speak of… it’s like that morning cappuccino, but a double, and it’s going to make you MONEY.

6 elements to the perfect sales pitch

C is for Connect

The power of human connection is real. So make a freaking connection!

Just like you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can’t tell if someone is an ideal client just from their social media profile, how they look, or what they do.

So connect. Reach out and pay them a compliment.

A is for Ask

After the compliment or even just saying “hey I noticed you do XYZ and I’d love to connect,” ASK them a question; a non-business-related question.

Asking a question gets people talking about themselves, which is HUGE psychologically. People looooove to talk about themselves, y’all!

So ask a question; get a conversation going. And KEEP it going to build rapport. Approach this from a NON SALES mindset. Right now we are building a relationship, not just for the purpose of a sale. If that’s what you’re trying to do, you may as well just go back to cold pitching.

Sales is all about relationships and sales is all about service. Right now, you’re building a relationship with no agenda. Build rapport, and be grateful for a new biz bestie!

P is for Pivot

Once you and your prospect have had a good chat about non-business things, you can make a choice. If they don’t *feel* like a dreamy client (I’m all about intuition here), you can choose not to move towards a pitch. If they *do* feel like a dreamy client, it’s time for the pivot!

A great way to do this on social media specifically, is to wait for your new friend to talk about something business related (i.e. in their IG stories, on their LinkedIn feed, etc). Once they do, repeat the connect/ask method.

If they’re talking about launching a new service, give them a genuine compliment about it, and then ask them how the launch is going.

If they’re talking about a client win, tell them how awesome that is and then ask them if they’re taking on new clients currently.

There are a million ways to do this in a HUMAN centered way. Let your intuition guide you, and again remember: people LOVE talking about themselves!

C is for Challenge

After you get a response to your question, you can dig a bit deeper. Specifically, dig a bit into the challenges this person might be facing.

The specific question will of course vary depending on the response they give, but you can ask things like “what has been the biggest challenge of this launch for you?” or “are you finding signing clients consistently to be a challenge in your business right now?”

A is for Add Value

Here is where you blow their socks off! Once they give you a little more insight into their challenges, I want you to give them FREE VALUE. Advice that they maybe haven’t heard before. Relate to them and show them the possibility of solving this challenge, and what that might look like.

Voice notes are always great, but they are especially GREAT here!

P if for PITCH!

And finally, you can now EASILY pitch your offer, IF, and ONLY IF, it is truly right for this person. You may find that their specific challenges may NOT align with what you offer as a coach or service provider, in which case, please act with integrity and don’t pitch them at all. Refer them to a business friend, or, if you can’t, just be an ear for them to talk to.

(For more info on how to prequalify leads to see if you should in fact pitch them, click here!)

But if they ARE a dreamy potential client, tell them how great a fit they would be for your offer, and that you’d love to discuss it more with them if they are open to it.

The actual pitch becomes VERY easy when you set it up this way, and it gets even easier the more you practice!

If it’s that easy, why is it so hard to do?

I get it! This makes it sound SO EASY! Follow the steps and bam! New clients up the wazoo! But crafting and implementing the perfect sales pitch is obviously harder than it sounds, of everyone would be doing it, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

There is undoubtedly a LOT of mindset work and sales psychology that goes into this process.

This underlying mindset and psych work are what ACTUALLY make the step-by-step process easier, and that’s why I’ll be deep-diving into it in my FREE 5 Day Perfect Pitch Challenge!

5 day perfect pitch challenge

We start April 4, 2022, so get your booty enrolled so you can FINALLY master the art of the perfect sales pitch, in a way that feels EMPOWERED, for both you and your prospective clients! No sleaze here!

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