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Repurposing content and knowing how to do it quickly and effectively will save you hours of time as a content creator. Efficiency is absolute key to running this kind of business and doing it well!

But I see you working your tail off trying to come up with new content every single day to post on social media. And it’s exhausting, right? The content creation seems endless. And sometimes, you spend hours creating that perfect post, and it completely flops. The algorithm got you again! And then you start to question whether you’ve really got what it takes (you DO, by the way). And the whole thing is just kind of a big mess.

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So what if I told you that blogging actually SAVES me time on social media, and that I have plenty of content to post?! Yup! But how?

Because I turn one amazing, long form, informational blog post tailored to my ideal audience into 10+ posts on social media.

Let’s break this down. I created a blog post on my home decor blog Fiddle Leaf Interiors about how to make DIY concrete pumpkins.

I turned that blog post into 1 Instagram Reel, which I also posted on TikTok. Short videos like this can also be repurposed as YouTube shorts. I created 10+ pins for Pinterest, some with word overlays and some without. I usually share 1-2 pins per month per blog post, and I design them in Canva!

Additionally, I also shared the project in my Instagram stories 3+ times (during the project itself, and after the fact for the reveal, plus styling tips). And finally, I shared the project in a couple static Instagram posts as well.

how to repurpose your content
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Anytime I shared on social media, I encouraged my followers to go BACK to my blog for the full tutorial. This, in turn, increased traffic to my blog, which is my ultimate goal. Head to my post about WHY should be blogging as a content creator to learn why this should be your goal, too!

Strategically planning your projects and blog posts ahead of time will help you get off the never ending content creation hamster wheel. When you plan in advance, you can allot time for the execution, photography, editing, and blog writing. Once your blog is written, it takes very little time to pull out some images and text to post onto social media.

I’m all about working smarter and not harder over here!

We dive into this strategy and how to specifically implement it in your business in my blogging course, OWN Your Influence, too! Watching my students finally get out of the social media rat race is SO fulfilling! Social media has been holding so many of them back from their next level for so long, that it’s like a huge weight being lifted once they implement the strategy of repurposing content into their content creator business! More content and less time creating it! That’s a win for everyone!

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below and lets chat! And let me know how you’ll be repurposing content in your own business!




repurposing content from your blog to social media
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