how to turn strangers into high ticket clients

Soooo.. I’ve been turning total strangers into high ticket coaching clients ($6-7K per client) on repeat in just a matter of a few hours…

Are you curious to know more?

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As a coach or service provider, you’ve probably been told a million and one DIFFERENT ways to run your business.

Have you ever felt like this? Like you’re doing too many different things in your business that AREN’T producing results?

What if you found the ONE way to bring in more clients & consistent cash flow, all while working FEWER hours?

AKA – closing the gap between what you’re doing that ISN’T working, and what you need to do to connect with and close your next client, FAST! (WITHOUT the pushy, gross, or sleazy sales techniques that we all hate…)

And that’s why I want to share with you how I generated $6.6K in 72 hours from a total stranger!

I didn’t do it by using a MILLION different strategies… it was just ONE.

Let me ask you… What if you never had to wonder where your next client was coming from?

And no… we aren’t talking about feast or famine live launching some new program. 

Eww, David. (Where are my Schitt’s Creek fans at?!)

Listen – I’ve been where you’re at sister!

Stuck in never-ending, exhausting live launch cycles that result in very little cash, and a whole lotta burnout!

And I’m here to tell you – there is a better way!!

how to turn strangers into high ticket coaching clients in just a few hours with the right strategy, and without the sleazy or pushy sales

Signing High Ticket Coaching Clients with Ease

What if I told you that in the course of 72 hours, I introduced myself to a stranger on Instagram…

…48 hours later I hopped on a market research call with her…

(btw… market research is KEY to this process – learn more about the 4 market research mistakes you’re making right now and how to fix them!)

…Then 24 hours after that, SIGNED her as a $6K+ client.

And of course, I used the sales techniques I shared in my high ticket sales post a few weeks back!

And get this..

…this client was EXCITED AS SHIT THAT I HAD REACHED OUT – Me, my experience, and my offer were EXACTLY what she was looking for!

Would a 72 HOURS turnaround that resulted in 6K+ in the bank CHANGE THE GAME FOR YOU?

And what if you could do this on REPEAT?!

What if you know exactly who to reach out to, to make this happen?

Yes – it’s possible! All through a high ticket, evergreen course & coaching program that is CUSTOMIZED to your clients’ needs!

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And I want to help you create this asset (and these results!) for your own business.

Which is exactly why I created my FREE personalized Course to CASH map – to show you exactly how you can achieve these same results, too.

Listen – I’m not special, I’m not a unicorn, and I’m certainly not any different than you are, gf.

YOU can absolutely replicate this process to sign high ticket coaching clients with ease (and without the sleaze)! And your personalized Course to CASH Map will give you the roadmap to do it!

Head to the LINK below to snag yours now!

Can’t wait to fast-track your success!

Until next time…