why online courses are the next step for your business

Online courses and the global online education industry is booming. Why? It’s because more and more people are taking courses to learn how to do something new. They want the knowledge they need without the hassle of going back to school or spending all day in a classroom, not to mention it’s usually FAR less expensive!

If you’re currently thinking about joining this growing market, now is the time to go all in!

Why is 2022 the year to enter this industry? There are a few reasons. First, the market for online courses is constantly growing. In fact, it’s estimated that the global e-learning market will be worth $325 billion by 2022. The prior projections as of just about 6 months ago were $319 billion by 2025. That means the course creation industry is already billions ahead of where it was thought to be!

What does that mean? A lot of potential students and clients! And the industry will only continue to grow. In fact, the online course market is growing at an annual rate of 33% through 2026. Your time is NOW, friend!

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the online course industry is growing at a rapid pace

Second, creating an online course is a great way to help more people and generate passive income, all while gaining time back in your business (no more explaining the same thing to every single client on your roster)! Plus, more people are wanting to learn online because it offers more flexibility in scheduling and learning. And because you can cater the course to your unique strengths, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry!

Third, this market is not just for those with previous teaching experience. ANYONE with a skill or knowledge to share can create a course on it! I tell my clients constantly that you do not need to be an “expert” (because who defines that word anyway) to create a successful online course. You just need to be one, two, or three steps ahead of your ideal client. If you can help them get to where you are more quickly and efficiently, you are ready to enter the course creation industry.

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TREND REPORT: High Ticket Online Courses

Another trend in the course creation industry is the idea of a holistic, high ticket online course and coaching container.

What does this mean?

This means you a creating a well-rounded PROGRAM for your ideal clients to help them achieve the transformation they desire. Your passive course videos allow you to remove yourself from the teaching process. Record once, and anyone who joins your program can learn your process in the exact same manner – through those passive videos.

Then round out your high ticket program with two things – direct support and group support.

Group support is exactly what it sounds like – a small group coaching call where you talk to EVERY person and deep dive into their business (or whatever your niche is – relationships, health, etc). Because your clients are learning your methods with your passive videos, you get to spend this group coaching time in a much BETTER way – actually applying what they have learned to their specific situation.

And finally, there is direct support, which you as the course creator and coach are able to mold to your own liking. I personally offer email and Voxer support to my clients, and it works great! In between calls and watching videos, they have a way to contact me and ask questions or get feedback on content, etc.

Online Courses are NOT Just a Bunch of Passive Videos

So no… online courses do not have to JUST be a bunch of passive videos (although many in the low to mid ticket price range are). The best part is that you have FULL control over exactly what you want to create! Low ticket, mid ticket, or high ticket, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine your phone buzzes, but instead of a text message, it’s a potential client booking a sales call for your high ticket course and coaching container. Or maybe it’s a Stripe notification that a new student just enrolled in your $197 cake decorating course.

In an industry that is absolutely BOOMING, and that’s only projected to continue to grow over the next 5-10 years, there is no better time to add online courses to your business!

And if you are interested in learning how to create a high ticket online course that (ACTUALLY) sells, be sure to register for my FREE Masterclass that will show you how to do just that!

Tell me in the comments below if creating a digital course is on your list of To-Dos for 2022!

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