Content creators and bloggers have long struggled with the idea of selling. It’s a tough subject for creatives to wrestle with. But selling digital products is an important step to consider as you start growing your blogging business into the future!

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Why You Should Consider Developing and Selling Digital Products on Your Blog

Reason 1:

Now that you have your blog up and running, it’s time to get serious about turning a profit. There are some very simple steps you can follow in order to monetize your content. This will give you more freedom, better work/life balance and the time and budget to produce even more great content!

Let’s face it – 99% of us started our blogs to not only make a profit, but also to experience that TIME-FREEDOM that a 9-5 job just can’t provide. Creating a digital product can really JUMPSTART that profit and time freedom early on in your blogging biz! And even if you aren’t ready just yet to consider developing or selling a digital product, definitely keep it in the back of your mind for the future!

why you should sell digital products and services as a blogger

Reason 2:

Content creation is ever changing. In order to keep up with those changes, you need to be thinking 2, 3 or 4 steps ahead of your competitors AND the market. Part of the changes we are seeing is a shift to selling digital products that can enhance the lives of your ideal audience. Whether that is teaching them a skill, life hack, or general subject matter, people want to LEARN. With 41% of the US workforce considering quitting their jobs THIS year, people, now more than EVER, are looking to learn new things that will help them in their new ventures, whatever they may be.
Figure out how you can be a part of that, and you’ll be on your way to selling success in no time.

By the way, no skill is ever too small to teach. Teach people time management, how to overcome imposter syndrome, how to meal prep and eat better, how to enjoy a family dinner without arguing at the table with their kids, how to have pain free periods. Seriously – the possibilities are ENDLESS! Consider your expertise and what you are good at – then teach that to your audience!

Also, don’t assume you need a high ticket offer to make sizeable profit. “Pocket products” are becoming all the rage as of late. Pocket products are low ticket offers usually between $27 and $47. They can also be easily consumed and implemented in a short time frame by your audience. (And think about it.. how many times have you come across something online and thought “well, it’s only $27, why not?” and then hit that Buy Now button… EXACTLY!)

Smaller ticket items are more likely to be sold without much thought by consumers, so keep that in mind! That said, this is NOT an excuse to sell junk. If you are here, I am going to hold you to creating a KILLER offer that is jam packed with WAY more value than you are charging for it. Why? Becuase here at CCC we ALWAYS over-deliver!

Reason 3:

Selling most traditional products costs money upfront. And as anyone who has ever tried online business knows, jumping into things often requires investment of time and/or money (or both). But my selling a digital product, you are able to keep your overall overhead LOW, meaning more money kept in your pocket in the early days of your business.

this premier blogging course will teach you how to start a successful blog and monetize it
A digital course is a great product to consider developing for your ideal audience!

Like I always say, I’d rather invest in learning and my OWN education (which you are actually helping YOUR audience do with these digital products), than in trying to develop a tangible product that is going to cost me a lot up front.


Reason 4:

You can sell your product on autopilot! Once you’ve tested your product with your audience, you can automate your sales. This means those $$$ are going to hit your account while your sleeping, on vacation, or at the gym enjoying YOUR time! The ultimate goal to a super profitable business is to stop exchanging time for money as much as possible!

That’s why selling a digital product over and over again is so great. You put the work in ONCE to create it, and now you just have to promote it to your people! AKA, more money in your bank account; and more time BACK in your life to do all the things you want to do!

So tell me… what are your thoughts on developing a digital product for your blogging business? Is it something you would consider? Perhaps a short eBook, an online mini-course, or something else?
Let me know in the comments below! And if you’d like an article soon more about HOW to go about developing and selling digital products for your blogging biz, let me know that too!

Until next time…



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